Salvador O. Rodriguez

About Us

Welcome to the Trappers Loop Challenge. It is with great honor and pleasure to be introducing our one loft race to all pigeon fanciers. We have been in discussion for years about providing a one loft race that maximizes every breeders chance for a win. After all discussion we came to the conclusion that the one formula that will benefit everyone most is maximum wing time and an expert trainer. We feel that we are the best team to provide this for all pigeon fanciers. With 30 plus years of experience and the time and dedication to run a 7 race series we can and will give you the best shot at taking home a piece of the pot.  

-Sal and Kevin

As many of you already know me I have been flying pigeons for over 30 years.

We have won more awards and recognition than many other Breeders, I have decided to put my skills to the test. I miss flying, I'm sure my 30 years of experience will help me a lot.

If another Derby Mas, I know, there are too many. We are going to make a difference, it is very sad to send and pay too much for only 4 races including the activation race when in reality it is only 3 races, the only acceptance is the race of Brad Hoggan his series of 8 races. All the pigeons that compete in that race and excel in the 10% speed are usually good breeders. That is our goal.

Activation will not be charged until after 100 miles and 125 miles.

Hoping to have your support and confidence to make this event one of the best. Greetings.