Accept Birds Beginning March 1, 2022

Greetings to all my dear friends and fellow breeders! I hope everyone had great Valentines Day and you got to spend some time with family and friends. Also, chance to learn from our birds and spread some love. We are officially ready to accept birds beginning March 1, 2022. So, send us your best to compete against the best. Include perch fees with your birds. We will provide the best care for your birds from the beginning to the end of the series. It will be a 7 race series with plenty of loft flying and trainings. Remember loft limit is 425 birds. Those that want to enter and will not have birds ready till later and want ensure that you have a spot, please pre-pay your perch fees.
Once again thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and care for your birds.
Let the Competition Begin!

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