2022 Rules

  1. Accepting birds from March 01, 2022 to April 30, 2022.
  2. Loft will be closed once loft limit of 400 is achieved through paid reservations or birds in the loft.
  3. All birds to arrive with perch fees of $150. No exceptions. Perch fee is non-refundable. Make checks payable to Trapper’s Loop Challenge.
  4. One person must be designated as a contact person when signing up for a tea or syndicate.
  5. Any bird that arrives sick will be culled or returned to the breeder at the breeders expense. Notification to the breeder will be made before any action is taken.
  6. All birds will be vaccinated and chipped upon arrival. We encourage breeders to vaccinate birds prior to shipping & will administer booster vaccinations.
  7. Replacements accepted until May 15, 2022. Trappers Loop Challenge is not responsible for any lost birds due to illness, injury, prey, failure to return from a training or race. 
  8. All birds returning from the 125 mile activation race must be activated. All or none activation & non-activated birds become property of Trappers Loop Challenge.  Non-paid birds may be sold at the discretion of Trapper’s Loop Challenge management & the purchaser of the bird becomes the new owner of the bird & any prizes that it may win.
  9. Activation fees due immediately or prior to activation race as follows: Immediately after race if paying via PayPal or Zelle; 2 weeks prior if paying via Money Order or Check. Activation fees will be refunded for any bird paid in advance that does not return from the activation race.
  10. All birds going to prize races will be hand scanned to ensure that there are no chip issues and that every bird is entered. Trappers Loop Challenge & management will not be allowed to enter or breed entries for any entrant in the race series.
  11. Trappers Loop Challenge & management will not be allowed to enter or breed entries for any entrant in the race series.
  12. Arrival of 1st pigeons will be considered a drop and paid equally. If a pigeon on the 1st drop does not trap will be considered on the 1st drop until another pigeon arrives.  If a pigeon does not clock due to piggy back or clock or chip malfunction then Trapper’s Loop Challenge will place the bird in the last place in the drop once verified. All others prizes paid on clocking order.
  13. There is no dead time and the clock will continue until the race is finished. Race day is over 1 hour after sunset on the 2nd day of release.  Any remaining prizes to be paid will be divided equally between the returned birds.
  14. Any breeder or fancier winning over $600 in prizes will be required to submit a W9 form prior to award of prize money. All prizes must be claimed by December 30, 2022.
  15. Breeder or fancier will be required to pay shipping expenses for any bird being returned to the breeder or fancier. Shipping rate will be determined at the end of the series based on  postal rates at the time.

Ship Birds to:

Salvador Rodriguez

(801) 430-7784

2407 N. 3125 W

Clinton, UT 84015